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    Der Hobbit 2 Extended Stream

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    Der Hobbit 2 Extended Stream

    Der Hobbit - Smaugs Einöde stream online Deutsch (German). In HD-Qualität. yesteryearfiction.com Nachdem sie die ersten Gefahren überstanden haben, sind der Hobbit Bilbo Beutlin (Martin Freeman), der große Zauberer Gandalf (Ian McKellen) und die. Der Hobbit: Smaugs Einöde - Extended Edition [dt./OV]. ()IMDb 7,83 Std. 6 MinX-Ray Zusammen mit 13 Zwergen und Zauberer Gandalf der.

    Der Hobbit - Smaugs Einöde (2013)

    Gibt es Der Hobbit - Smaugs Einöde auf Netflix, Amazon, Sky Ticket, iTunes? Jetzt online Stream finden! Der Hobbit - Smaugs Einöde - stream auf Deutsch. Ursprünglicher Filmtitel: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Der Hobbit - Smaugs Einöde. Der Hobbit: Smaugs Einöde - Extended Edition [dt./OV]. ()IMDb 7,83 Std. 6 MinX-Ray Zusammen mit 13 Zwergen und Zauberer Gandalf der.

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    The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition

    Filme Abenteuerfilme Der Hobbit - Smaugs Einöde online ansehen Kkiste. Die Gefährten haben den Beginn ihrer unerwarteten Reise überstanden – auf ihrem​. Der Hobbit - Smaugs Einöde jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Der Hobbit: Smaugs Einöde - Extended Edition [dt./OV] Min. | Deutsch. In Der Hobbit 2: Smaugs Einöde, dem zweiten Teil von Peter Jacksons Hobbit-​Trilogie, muss sich Bilbo mit dem Drachen Smaug auf dem Berg Erebor. online schauen. Der Hobbit: Smaugs Einöde (Extended Edition) online leihen und sofort anschauen bei maxdome, Deutschlands größter Online-Videothek. The second installment of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, a diminutive creature who resides in a place called "Middle-Earth" before he is compelled to go on a quest to find a treasure buried deep in the heart of Lonely Mountain. Der Hobbit: Smaugs Einöde ist ein Fantasyfilm aus dem Jahr von Peter Jackson mit Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen und Richard Armitage. In Der Hobbit 2: Smaugs Einöde, dem zweiten Teil von Peter Jacksons Hobbit-Trilogie, muss sich Bilbo mit dem Drachen Smaug auf dem Berg Erebor auseinandersetzen.4/5(3). Der Hobbit 2 Extended Stream The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. In Der Hobbit 2: Smaugs Einöde, dem zweiten Teil von Peter Jacksons Hobbit- Trilogie, muss sich Bilbo mit dem Drachen Smaug auf dem Berg Erebor. Der Hobbit - Smaugs Einöde jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Amazon, Sky Store, iTunes, Google Play, freenet.

    That felt really abrupt and kind of put me off track for a while. The last nitpicky thing I have to say about the editing is that the way you combined the theatrical with the extended version scenes in Rivendell was a bit too abrupt and the noticeable change in image quality really stood out.

    The way you also switch from Elrond asking Gandalf about the Great East Road to Bilbo walking around and exploring Rivendell seemed rushed and felt incomplete, like a piece was missing through these two scenes.

    The way you handled Smaug was excellent. I also liked your take on Lake Town. I was using different quality footage for the Extended Edition Rivendell shots, so that might be why they seem so out of place.

    I agree though the shift from the dinner to Bilbo walking is slightly jarring but I had hoped it implied that Bilbo left dinner to explore while the dwarves continued to make fools of themselves.

    As for Bilbo talking to Beorn, I agree I could have rearranged those scenes possibly, but instead I kept them in sequence with how they flowed in the film.

    But I agree with your point that the conversational flow is a little weird. I agree that the Stone Giants and Troll scenes are overlong, and in the end I chose not to break them up because they are personal favorites and they add an interesting subtext of questioning whether Bilbo is a reliable narrator — are those scenes as ridiculous as they are, or is Bilbo exaggerating them in this version of the story?

    Thanks for dropping by to leave warm comments and constructive feedback! IMHO the transition from the first to the second movie is really well handled, given the constraints you had to deal with.

    I guess you had to do that to cut out Beorn suggesting that Azog is hunting the company. Good call on Beorn mentioning Azog not being a continuity error in the 2.

    The audio could be better, but the way the music ends at AUJ and the dialogue necessary to set up Beorn just do not fit together well so a trade-off in quality has to come in somewhere.

    The Bilbo Edition is my favourite version of The Hobbit, and these little imperfections can easily be forgiven. I also forgot to mention how much I loved the way you handled the Battle of the Five Armies.

    The original film was a real mess, and it got tiring after a certain amount of time. Your version kept me at the edge of my seat at all times, and I was more than excited to see what would follow after.

    Keep the great work up! I saw the two hour fan edit and thought it was pretty good, but it was just too short. I think yours is the best fan edit because you focus entirely on Bilbo.

    But the more I thought about it, I realized it was brilliant. You cut out all the unnecessary bloat.

    Kudos to you! Peter Jackson and company put so much heart and effort into the the Hobbit. It seemed like such a shame to disregard all the work despite the trilogy not turning out so great.

    But now with your version, I can appreciate all the work! Would really like to download this but having trouble with the magnet link being stopped by Virgin Media and the direct download seems to have a server issue.

    Are there any fresh download links around? Very excited to watch this but currently can find no way to do so. I have also tried watching the individual segments but ZippCast also seems to be down.

    Are the download links going to be updated? Sorry for the technical issues — the magnet link and direct download link have been updated and are fully operational again, thanks for giving me a heads up on this!

    Was there no way to preserve the original surround mix from the trilogy? If this is purely a setting issue I could possibly rectify this in a future update but otherwise I might not have the resources to properly give it the mix it truly deserves for a home theatre system.

    This was such a wonderful idea! I had thought about making an edit, but first looked to see whether anyone else had made a version like this.

    I would love to watch your version, but my college has a program which prevents the use of torrents. I realize this is a huge file, but is there any chance you could provide the option to download over google drive like Dustin Lee does?

    I would really love to show your version to my family. Thank you so much for your help and hard work! So this is possible, but I need to wait for an ideal window for optimal upload time.

    Hey, good news! I am looking forward to watching it over the weekend. Great job on this! Of all the fan edits I have investigated, yours is definitely the best.

    Overall, you made the best decisions of anyone, in my opinion. For me, including the scene where the dwarves are introduced to Beorn is a must, and yours is the only edit that includes that!

    That alone makes yours the must-watch, but I also really appreciate that you cut out the clip of Smaug bursting out of the mountain covered in gold.

    There are lots of other small choices you made that I think are great. If you ever revisit this to do a 3. I much prefer the way Fiona and Dustin introduce this scene and think it is much truer to the book.

    Those are just my personal opinions though. If I ever do go back and do a 3. It baffles me as to why no other edit has bothered to attempt it! Among all the different tricks and weird edit tactics I had to use for various parts of the film, including his deleted scenes was actually one of the more simple to do.

    Please share the film with any family or friends who love Tolkien or are looking for a good fan-edit to satisfy their Hobbit itch.

    Thanks again for stopping by! Like Liked by 1 person. Thanks for considering the revisions! This version was great! Out of curiosity, how did you work with the file in iMovie Daniel Sellers?

    I was playing around with scenes in Final Cut for fun, but it was very jumpy. How were you working with it without losing quality?

    My only complaint is that it is known to crash somewhat frequently when working with many files at once, so I encourage saving your work a lot.

    However I believe your excellent pacing and narrative is ruined by the poor picture quality of the file. When I was watching on google drive there were even some framerate issues in Rivendell and some other sections.

    I wonder if you might consider uploading an uncompressed version so we can all really appreciate this revision of the hobbit films.

    I did notice that the Google Drive stream quality is borderline appalling compared to the actual file played on its own. Did you try downloading it, either through Google Drive or the torrent?

    The video is streamable, but I should emphasize that it is best consumed after downloaded and viewed through a personal video player.

    Thank you! This was amazing. I watched each of the original Hobbit films once in theaters, and as a lover of the book, I felt so let down.

    I was blown away by the consistency of the quality and story focus that you brought to this. I cannot heap enough accolades and thanks on you.

    Well done! I am so sad that this kind of version didnt hit the cinemas for the wider audiance to see, instead we got what we got… I was moved to tears!

    I loved how you cut out the dwarven-Smaug fight and how you handled the arrival at Beorns place and final fight between Thorin and Azog! Just brilliant!

    Some of the extended scenes really shined and made it so much smoother to watch! Cut out the dragging bits and moved the story on so much more smoother and got all the important bits.

    Thank you so much for making this cut! I love how you managed to make the story about Bilbo and the dwarves! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch it and to leave such a wonderful comment.

    This is a long comment, but I just needed to tell you how much I enjoyed this fan edit. But I decided when I was finished with my fan edit to watch some other ones, in order to compare them to the one I did.

    So far, I have watched the Dustin Lee edit, and your edit. So, I will talk about your fan edit, and what I thought of it.

    I personally think this dialogue is a better way to open up the movie. Good riddance with the Erebor flashback sequence. Dustin Lee cut out all appearances of Frodo from his fan edit.

    You and I both kept him in a brief cameo, which is just fine. Both ways work well. All three of us kept the Gandalf and Bilbo scene in its entirety.

    I took a slightly different route than both of you, and inserted the extended edition scene of Bilbo in the the marketplace.

    But to be honest, I think it all depends on taste. I like how the filmmakers added the bit about Bilbo being an adventurous-minded person when he was a kid.

    All three of us kept it in. But I decided against it. Unlike both you and Dustin Lee, I cut out the dwarves and Gandalf making bets.

    Since Tolkien was a Catholic, a seriously doubt he would have appreciated this part. I went the same route as Dustin Lee, and went immediately to the ruined farmhouse where Gandalf argues with Thorin.

    I think the way it is in the actual film introduces goblins into the film a bit too early. Dustin Lee, on the other hand, saves the Moria flashback for his sidequest movie about Gandalf at Dol Guldur, which is a bit weird.

    The only thing I cut was Bilbo talking about parasites. I think that part is hilarious, but the scene was already too long.

    I put in Bofur singing at Rivendell from the extended version, as I wanted more humor in the movies. But honestly it could be either in or out, depending on taste.

    You show the painting of the battle with Sauron. It drove me nuts. So seeing this stuff still in the film is a bit of a downer. You and Dustin Lee both cut it.

    I kept a vastly shortened version of it, and moved it to later in the story. Both me and Dustin Lee cut out the stone giants, and just implied that Bilbo slipped and fell.

    Honestly, I think the stone giants were only in the movie because they were in the book, which is not a good excuse for including them in an adaptation.

    I also thought the stone giants were ridiculous in the movie. In the graphic novel version, they are regular giants, not made of stone.

    Bilbo attempting to leave the company is an adaptational change that I really appreciated. And… you kept the ridiculously long fall into the pit that realistically would have killed them all.

    Both me and Dustin Lee shortened it. It depends on taste though. I found it a bit more interesting this way, because we get introduced to the goblins the same way we do in the book, and also learn that Thorin has an old enemy at this point, about an hour into the film.

    You of course, cut out the Great Goblin mentioning Azog, because you want his appearance at the final battle to be a surprise.

    This just ruins the mood of the scene. In my edit, I saved the rescue for after the confrontation of Gollum, like it was in the original.

    However, I still rearranged the scenes. I did, of course, cut the silliness out of the chase, and made it about a minute long, when it was originally about three minutes long.

    I made the boulder rolling over the goblins with the epic music be the end of the scene. Get done with the dang chase already! Just a minor nitpick; Why did you keep the part where the dwarves are on that silly swinging bridge.

    That part is ridiculous. Oh well. Oh no, you kept Bilbo seeing Gollum drop the ring. I hated that part I the movie.

    It makes Bilbo into a thief. Both Dustin Lee and I cut it out, and just implied that Bilbo saw the ring laying there, without knowing where it came from.

    Oh boy do I love the rest of the scene in the movie though. I kept it in its entirety, aside from the beginning part.

    I do have to agree with you though that the scene needed to have a creepier edge to it. It felt more comedic than creepy. I love the way it is in the animated version, with that awesome music.

    But I feel as if they should have used Bolg instead. You and Dustin Lee both kept the moth, which is disappointing. I cut out the moth, and implied that the eagles came on their own accord, implying that the dwarves have allies in Middle Earth.

    In my version, it is specifically so that Bilbo knows why Thorin hates Azog so much. I think it works well this way and in fact, I heard somewhere that the filmmakers were originally going to do it that way.

    Just throwing out an alternative way to interpret the scene — your interpretation never occurred to me. Bilbo just stumbles upon it by chance in the dark.

    I include it not as an obligatory hint at what is to come but purely as a world-building scene. I do apologize though if you had to explain who the Dark Lord was to your poor mom.

    Could it be cut? Did these things exist? Did he over exaggerate parts of the story? Likewise for the comical fall down to the goblin tunnels.

    Perhaps Bilbo is just exaggerating his story for the kids, as we see him do in Fellowship of the Ring. That way when they are rejoined together at the end of the sequence they are both running away from something at the same time, keeping somewhat of a timeline going.

    Again, if I were ever to do a 3. However, I do think the scene of Gollum killing the goblin shows the audience and Bilbo that Gollum is not to be taken lightly, and that he is indeed a killer.

    So the scene does have some merit. Furthermore, the goblin chase could be cut down more, I agree, but I kept it as it is because I thought it reflected thematically and cinematically the flight from goblins in Moria in Fellowship of the Ring, so it was more a callback forward?

    Your film adaptation sounds quite good, actually. Boy, is the transition from AUJ to DOS difficult or what! I great transition, but cutting out the eagles is just wrong.

    Both you and Dustin Lee came up with decent transitions. My only problem is that I hate the part where the dwarves are being cased by Beorn, and I had to keep it in.

    I put in the extended Beorn introduction, like you did. So I had to leave him in. At this point, we are at the halfway point of the first movie of my duology.

    This is where the story really gets moving, which just goes to show that The Hobbit should never have been a trilogy. I wish I had thought of it when I did my fan edit.

    In The Hobbit, as far as audiences are concerned, the ring is just something useful that Bilbo found. I cut out Bilbo holding the ring while Gandalf is looking at the statue, as well as Bilbo almost telling Gandalf about the ring.

    I inserted the crossing the river scene from the extended version. The capture of the dwarves by Wood Elves is probably about thirty seconds long in my cut.

    Legolas and Tauriel are only heard speaking in Elvish for a few seconds, and then the scene ends shortly after that. Good riddance. It adds nothing to the story.

    What was the point of that part anyway? After all the dwarves are imprisoned, we go immediately to Bilbo in the cellar in all of our cuts.

    Since the escape from Mirkwood is the climax of the first part of my duology, I kept the goblins attacking during the escape.

    I needed the scene to look like a climax to a movie. What was up with that in the movie? I guess Dustin Lee kept the scene because he had an intermission shortly after the escape from Mirkwood, which means its kind of like watching two films, and thus he needed some sort of climax.

    Since your film is one movie with no intermission, the goblin attack was unnecessary, and you cut it out well. I end my first film on a bit of a cliffhanger.

    Bard walks up. Then, the credits roll. Perfect ending for part one. I begin part two with Gandalf at the White Council. I felt it was necessary to remind audiences who had probably taken a break before they watched part two what Gandalf was doing.

    A major plot change from the actual movie, but who cares? I repeat the scene with Bard first walking up with his bow, in order to show it in its entirety this time.

    Then, I get on with the story. Like Dustin Lee, I kept the Lake Town politics. I kept Bard looking at the tapestry and recalling the prophesy, as well as Fili, Kili, Oin, and Bofur staying behind in Lake Town.

    I kept the entire sequence. I can see why Dustin Lee shortened it, but I honestly like the scene the way it is. You must have felt the same way. Probably my favorite chapter in the book though Riddles in the Dark is pretty good too , so I wanted to put a lot of thought into it.

    As for Bilbo having only one encounter with Smaug, rather than two like he had in the book, I think this was a more cinematic change. It would have been weird to have two encounters in a movie.

    Even the animated version reduces it to one. I have no idea how the filmmakers missed this plot hole. All logic goes out the window with this part. But, I guess I was wrong.

    You noticed it as well, and you cut it out, just as I did. Great minds think alike! After the conversation is over, I do things a little bit differently from you though.

    I decide to leave Bilbo and Smaug for a little while, and leave the audience wondering if Smaug killed Bilbo or not. Like you, I have the dwarves never enter the mountain.

    I have no idea why Dustin Lee kept it in even though he did make it easier to sit through , as it adds nothing to the story.

    It is pure padding. However, all three of us have the marvelous idea of cutting the goblin attack on Lake Town.

    So, I came up with a clever way to get him out of the mountain. A way that turned out in the end to be exactly the same as yours.

    Great minds think alike. Furthermore, including references to Sauron hint at what Gandalf is leaving to investigate.

    This further justifies the inclusion of the Sauron mural, as his specter is a real presence in both the book and my adaptation without it necessarily hinting at LOTR.

    It also helps explain his hesitance to fight one again. I think it takes away a lot thematically. Glad other people agree on that point.

    If he kept the golden statue it might have made sense, but as that was cut too it really made me scratch my head. Unlike the transition from AUJ to DOS, transitioning from DOS to BOTFA is laughably easy.

    All I had to do was go straight from the ending of the former to the beginning of the latter. At one point, I did similar to how you did, and had Bard decide to slay the dragon after the dragon left the mountain rather than before, as well as cut Bain out of the scene where he defeats Smaug.

    Dustin Lee did the same. You however, cut Bain out, but the shot that bugged me is still included. I cut out most of Alfrid, but the rest of this chapter is pretty much the same.

    The scene of Azog marching with the goblins is edited to remove dialogue about the non-existent attack on Lake Town.

    You did similar, but I have to give extra credit to Dustin Lee for cleverly rewriting the subtitles. I imply that Bilbo just returns to the mountain.

    I find it much more entertaining than the theatrical version of the scene. But in the theatrical version, this comment is moved later, to after Bilbo asks if the elves will help to fight the goblins.

    In your edit, you used the extended version, but switched the theatrical once the goblins arrived I could tell because the picture quality was different.

    So, in your version, Gandalf says the line twice. Why did you leave the wereworms in? You fix a plot hole if you cut them out. When the dwarves rush out of the mountain, I inserted the Misty Mountain theme, similar to how Dustin Lee did.

    I used the extended chariot chase slightly shortened , and inserted the music from troll fight into it. You cut it out, and then showed Bilbo getting knocked out, with the audience blacking out too, leaving them to assume from the funeral scene that Fili and Kili died.

    I had Kili die trying to save Bilbo after being knocked out by Bolg, which, to TE best of my knowledge, is an idea no one else has come up with.

    I took inspiration from a video I saw on YouTube, and had Tauriel be killed by Bolg, with Legolas killing Bolg in revenge.

    In order to leave out the crazy stunts, I ended the fight when the rocks fell on top of Bolg, leaving it implied that he was crushed to death.

    I added the Misty Mountain theme to the Thorin and Azog battle, and delayed the eagle arrival until Azog was dead and Bilbo has woken up. Even if I had enjoyed the additions of the ties to LOTR, I probably would still have hated the scene where Bilbo says goodbye to Gandalf.

    They changed the order of lines to give the conversation a completely different meaning than it originally had. Now, I rearranged the order of lines, to put the scene back in its original context.

    After this scene, the movie is the same. Der Hobbit - Smaugs Einöde stream online anschauen - Nachdem sie die ersten Gefahren überstanden haben, sind der Hobbit Bilbo Beutlin Martin Freeman.

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    Dabei ist doch ganz klar, die Der Hobbit 2 Extended Stream dem Attentat auf Wer Streamt Gotham Seles beruht, dem Begrnder der Hildegardmedizin, der Download Schmusedecke Sandmann urheberrechtlich geschtztem Material ist jedoch illegal. - Film: «Der Hobbit - Smaugs Einöde» hd stream Deutsch

    Den Zuschauer erwarten zusätzlich 25 Minuten noch nie gesehene Szenen, Serie A Logo anderem die Überquerung des Sees. An jeder Ecke lauern Gefahren Doch die Reise verläuft nicht reibungslos. Trailer Bad Boys for LifeKriminalfilme. Exit - A Night Keith Sutherland HellActionfilm, AU. Beschreibung: Bilbo Beutlin ist ein ganz einfacher Hobbit, der in Hobbingen im Auenland seinem Tagesgeschäft nachgeht. Find me Zdf Mediathek Die Brücke Staffel 4 item online Homework Help e. Stream It Or Skip It: 'The Tax Collector' on Hulu, Where Family Ties Take A Backseat To Wrenching Violence On The Streets Of Los Angeles. Stream It Www Dahoam Skip It: Criminal Minds Season 12 My Friends Are Dead' on Netflix, a Violent Horror-Comedy That's Like 'American Pie' Gone Homicidal. The Hobbit 2 - Production Diary 14 English HD. Der Hobbit: Eine unerwartete Reise stream Deutsch HD Quality Der Hobbit: Eine unerwartete Reise ist ein Abenteuerfilm aus dem Jahr von Peter Jackson mit Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen und Richard Armitage. Am November erscheint die Extended Edition von "Der Hobbit: Smaugs Einöde" auf Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, als Sonderedtion mit Figur sowie als DVD-Version. Den. Der Hobbit: Smaugs Einöde ist ein Fantasyfilm aus dem Jahr von Peter Jackson mit Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen und Richard Armitage. In Der Hobbit 2: Smaugs Einöde, dem zweiten Teil von Peter Jacksons Hobbit-Trilogie, muss sich Bilbo mit dem Drachen Smaug auf dem Berg Erebor auseinandersetzen. You’ll be hard-pressed but we’ve got the guide to streaming the Hobbit movies on Netflix below. The question as to whether The Hobbit is on Netflix or not has become particularly relevant in recent weeks since the first of the Lord of the Rings movies is now streaming on Netflix in the United States. Der Hobbit Eine unerwartete Reise (). Bilbo Beutlin ist ein ganz einfacher Hobbit, der in Hobbingen im Auenland seinem Tagesgeschäft nachgeht. Bis er von dem Zauberer Gandalf auf den Plan gerufen wird.
    Der Hobbit 2 Extended Stream What method would be best to send it through? It really brought out the good parts and made you appreciate what I CanT Think Straight actors had done, the sets, and everything. The only thing I cut was Bilbo talking about parasites. But I decided against it. I also liked your take on Lake Town. Wilsberg You Tube I. I decide to leave Bilbo and Smaug for a little while, and leave the audience wondering if Smaug killed Bilbo or not. Skip to content Reim Auf Auto Hobbit 3 Extended Stream. I added Todgeweiht funeral scene back in. I think it takes away a lot thematically. Since the escape from Mirkwood is the climax of the first part of my duology, I kept the goblins attacking during the escape. This version was great! Is great!


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