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    Dort wartet eine magisch anmutende Schimmelstute, die Konkurrenz auszustechen und den Bachelor um den Finger zu wickeln, dabei ist die Geschichte hchst interessant. Keine private MP3-Sammlung drfte so umfangreich sein wie die Sammlungen der bekannten Streaming-Dienste.

    Highlander Imdb

    Highlander II: The Quickening () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Spurensicherung (as Christian 'Highlander' Werner). Gefühl ist alles (TV Movie) Bodyguard (as Christian 'Highlander' Werner). Frechheit siegt (TV. Directed by Robert Amper. With Robert Amper, Thomas Amper, Alex Breitenberger, Rosi Ismalou. Even the Captain of the USS Highlander needs a vacation.

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    Highlander II: The Quickening () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. The Making of 'Highlander' I - Eine Legende wird geboren (Video ) Gregory Widen as Self. Directed by Robert Amper. With Robert Amper, Thomas Amper, Alex Breitenberger, Rosi Ismalou. Even the Captain of the USS Highlander needs a vacation.

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    Highlander (1986) Retrospective / Review

    Star Trek Media List. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Counselor Lavender. Ensign Kendrick.
    Highlander Imdb

    Highlander is one of these films. In the twenty-seven years since its release, Highlander has taken on a reputation as one of the quintessential cult films of the s.

    It holds a similar position to Labyrinth in terms of fan affection, with the merest mention of the tagline producing knowing grins every bit as much as the opening lyrics of 'Magic Dance'.

    Both films, however, are victims of a level of nostalgia which has greatly rose-tinted their stories and their presentation.

    While both are still iconic, and deserving of cult status, they are not quite as good as we've been led to believe.

    In Highlander's case this is compounded by the poor quality of the many sequels and spin-offs. The most infamous of these is Highlander 2: The Quickening, a terrible film which retcons most of the original story and makes very little sense in any of its versions.

    I've joked about Highlander 2 in my reviews of The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith, but the other sequels aren't exactly glowing - and that's before we get to the TV series, the animated series or the TV movie.

    In short, the subsequent instalments are so bad that fans have lionised the original, raising it to the status of sainthood to highlight just how sinful the others are.

    But if we approach Highlander outside of its reputation, there isn't really a great deal about it that impresses. The film is directed by Russell Mulcahy, who previously made the cult hit Razorback but is best known for helming music videos for Duran Duran, Bonnie Tyler and other icons of histrionic s pop.

    There are many great filmmakers past and present who have come out of music videos - Michel Gondry, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Spike Jonze to name but a few.

    But unlike these talents, who went on to create work that was narratively gripping or ground-breaking, Mulcahy is not in any sense an effective visual storyteller.

    For its least its opening hour, Highlander looks and feels like a series of music videos, all discernibly directed by the same guy but with very little to tie them together.

    Mulcahy's compositions are very music video-esque, as are the camera angles, the character movements and the often preposterous sets.

    Not only that, several shots are so embedded in the medium that you would swear you recognise them from actual videos.

    The first fight in the car park could easily be leftovers from Michael Jackson's 'Beat It', while the castle fight between the Kurgan and Ramirez feels uncannily like Gary Moore's 'Over The Hills And Far Away'.

    For the first hour of its running time, the film is empty, silly and fun in a so-bad-it's good way.

    The script consists almost entirely of exposition and montage, setting up Connor MacLeod's backstory on sets which look like they came from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    There's not a great deal of character development in either the past or present day segments, with Russell and Brenda's friendship not really going anywhere until the second half.

    We don't really root for Connor so much as we are stuck with him, and while he's not annoying or obnoxious, he's hardly endearing either.

    Like many cult films, Highlander never really gets to grips with what is or could be a really promising central idea.

    The idea of a secret conflict between immortals that has lasted for centuries has enormous potential, either as a straight-up fantasy or a fish-out-of-water story for the Brenda character who stumbles upon Connor's secret.

    And that's before we discover the nature of the Prize, which has great moral and spiritual ramifications for the human race and the champion who ultimately possesses it.

    Sadly, the film doesn't take any of its ideas to their natural conclusions, nor does it feel as weighty as it should considering the ideas it is addressing.

    It doesn't even make the most of all the different aspects of the universe which are set up in the scenes with Ramirez.

    The battle scenes are well-choreographed, but they are episodic and almost random in occurrence: there's no real feeling of progression, so that the final battle has less urgency to it.

    The acting is generally pretty good, with most of the principal cast delivering a good performance. Clancy Brown is very good as the Kurgan, foreshadowing his equally villainous performance as Byron Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption.

    The make-up effects and costume work are very impressive, but it's Brown's sleazy demeanour and creepy delivery that really make the character stand out.

    Sean Connery looks the part as Ramirez, lending a lot of charm to the story, and Roxanne Heart does the best she can with an underwritten role.

    The one weak link is Christopher Lambert, who is essentially a pretty boy: his line deliveries are flat and he has very limited facial expressions.

    On top of an unconvincing lead, Highlander has a number of plot holes through which we must navigate.

    Listing or criticising plot holes is always much less interesting than discussing a film's themes, intentions or ideas.

    But the fantasy genre relies on creating believable, enveloping worlds for an audience, which depending on the filmmakers' intentions either hold up on their own or draw intriguing parallels with our own world.

    Some discrepancies can be overlooked if the basic mechanics are intact, but Highlander's mythology isn't entirely sound. Straddling the plot over two different time periods creates a number of questions - for instance, how can the Kurgan's sword be a product of modern technology if he's had it for years?

    The reason for not fighting on holy ground is never explained, nor is the loss of the head as the means for killing an immortal; the latter makes a little sense once the Prize has been revealed, but until then it feels incredibly arbitrary.

    And then there is the business of carrying swords, with Lambert putting out full-length blade from his coat pocket on several occasions, including while he is sitting down.

    The film never explains how this is possible or offers a solution to accommodate this see Revolutionary Girl Utena for such a solution.

    At the hour mark, however, the film starts to pick up a little with the death of Connor's love Heather.

    We see her slowly age in montage while Connor never grows old, and when she dies the Highlander is left alone, incapable of suicide or any form of release from this pain and sorrow.

    The film doesn't exactly grow in substance at this point - it doesn't have the same level of insight about immortality present in the best sci-fi or vampire fiction.

    But it does give us more of an emotional hook, and that ultimately is what keeps us watching. As a result of this series of scenes, Highlander gains a whole new energy and begins to click a lot more in its comedic elements.

    Where its first half induced awkward laughter from its many shortcomings, the second half contains several genuinely funny moments - the best of these being the 18th century duel in which Connor keeps getting up from being killed.

    It was raining that day and the crew had to use umbrellas and hair dryers to prevent water from hitting the camera lenses and appearing on the film.

    Smith also remembered that Lambert, who was near-sighted, "kept forgetting to take off his glasses as he came over the hill on his horse.

    The filming of the parking garage scene took place in two different places. According to New York location manager Brett Botula, "the garage exterior is Manhattan, across from Madison Square Garden , and the interior is 'somewhere in London.

    Greg Gagne , Jim Brunzell and The Tonga Kid. The scene where the MacLeod clan sets off to battle is supposed to take place "in the village of Glenfinnan , on the shore of Loch Shiel " in the Lochaber area, but was actually filmed at Eilean Donan Castle, which is in the same general area but is really on the shore of Loch Duich , a sea loch near Kyle of Lochalsh and the Isle of Skye.

    According to the DVD commentary, the film's climax was originally intended to take place on top of the Statue of Liberty. Then it was changed to an amusement park and finally changed to the rooftop of the Silvercup Studios building.

    The scene in the alley where the Kurgan beheads Kastagir and stabs the former marine, followed by an explosion, was filmed in an alley in England even though it was set in New York.

    The director was reluctant to set off the explosion in the alley because the windows were full of Victorian glass, but he was given permission to do so because that particular site was going to be destroyed in a few months anyway.

    The opening voice-over by Connery has an echo effect because it was recorded in the bathroom of his Spanish villa, where he had been working on his Spanish accent for the film with a voice coach.

    It was played for the producers over the phone, and they approved of it because they could not discern the quality of the recording. In a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session in , Clancy Brown said "It was a strange set.

    We were all trying to make a good movie, and the producers were trying to make money any way they could, so there were a lot of things we had to work around, do on the cheap because of those producers.

    The Highlander original orchestral score was composed by Michael Kamen. The British rock band Marillion turned down the chance to record the soundtrack because they were on a world tour, a missed opportunity which guitarist Steve Rothery later said he regretted.

    The eventual soundtrack includes several songs by Queen , such as " A Kind of Magic " and " Princes of the Universe " the latter also being used for the Highlander television series title sequence.

    Despite a mention in the end credits, to date a complete soundtrack album for Highlander has not been released. Queen's album A Kind of Magic features several songs from the film although sometimes in different arrangements : "Princes of the Universe", "Gimme the Prize Kurgan's Theme " the album version includes snippets of dialogue from the film , " One Year of Love ", "Don't Lose Your Head", "Who Wants to Live Forever", and "A Kind of Magic".

    The album and single edits of "A Kind of Magic" feature a different mix from the one in the film; a re-release of the album includes the long-unreleased Highlander version of the song.

    The album does not include Queen's recording of " Theme from New York, New York ", which features briefly in Highlander.

    The CD Highlander: The Original Scores includes five cues from Kamen's Highlander score along with six cues from Stewart Copeland 's Highlander II score, and four cues from J.

    Peter Robinson 's Highlander III score. Furthermore, a rearrangement of an excerpt from Kamen's score specifically, the beginning of the track "The Quickening" was used as the theme music for New Line Cinema 's logo ident in the late s and early s.

    Highlander opened in Los Angeles on March 7, Most of the cuts were sequences involving a specifically European brand of humor which the distributors thought American audiences would not find funny, such as Connor being repeatedly head-butted by one of his clansmen, the duelist shooting his assistant, and the Kurgan licking the priest's hand.

    Alex Stewart reviewed Highlander for White Dwarf 79, and stated that "What the film does have going for it is stylish direction, a breathless pace and some exquisite camerawork.

    The performances aren't bad either, especially Brown and Connery, who are so far over the top they're practically in the next trench.

    Alex Stewart reviewed the British release print of Highlander for White Dwarf 81, and stated that " Highlander is visually stunning, from the timeless grandeur of the Scottish landscape to the surrealist urban jungles of New York.

    And the swordfights are terrific. Upon initial U. It has since become a cult film in both domestic and non-domestic markets, leading to four sequels, a television series , and various other spin-offs.

    The site's critical consensus reads, "People hate Highlander because it's cheesy, bombastic, and absurd. And people love it for the same reasons.

    Highlander is certainly a classic film that will continue to be cherished and watched as the world of movie making continues to grow and change.

    It is a triumphant example of the art of cinema, and watching it reminds us all of why we like going to the movies in the first place. Matt Ford of the BBC gave the film three stars out of five, writing: "From the moody, rain-soaked, noir-ish streets of late 20th century America to the wild open spaces of medieval Scotland, Mulcahy plunders movie history to set off his visceral fight scenes with suitably rugged locations.

    What the film loses through ham acting, weak narrative, and pompous macho posturing it more than compensates with in sheer fiery bravado, pace, and larger than life action.

    However, there is a certain appeal to the film that brings back many for a second or third helping. I have learned to appreciate the film over the years, [and] the film's story is unique and entertaining.

    Also giving the film three stars out of five, Adam Tyner of DVD Talk wrote, "The screenplay spots a number of intelligent, creative ideas, and I find the very concept of displacing the sword-and-sorcery genre to then-modern-day New York City to be fairly inventive.

    The dialogue and performances don't quite match many of the film's concepts, though. The tone seems somewhat uneven as if Highlander is unsure if it wants to be seen as a straight adventure epic or if it's a campy action flick.

    The hardcore MTV manner in which it was filmed is common these days, but was groundbreaking then. This movie features some of the best scene transitions committed to celluloid.

    To this is added some fun performances by Connery and especially Clancy Brown. Leonard Maltin gave the film one and a half stars: "Interesting premise made silly and boring Former rock video director Mulcahy's relentlessly showy camera moves may cause you to reach for the Dramamine.

    The video was a hit in the United States. Highlander was again released in in two editions: a special "Immortal Edition" with several extra features including several Queen music videos and a bonus CD containing three Queen songs from the film and a standard edition, both of which contain the International uncut version with remastered video and DTS ES sound.

    A novelization of the film was written by Garry Kilworth under the pen name "Garry Douglas. Moritz stated in an interview that "We're staying true to the mythologies as a whole of the Highlander series.

    Now there are certain things between all the different Highlanders that conflict with each other, but we're trying to stay true to the core of what we believe Highlander is, and it's a movie that's going to be made for the fans of Highlander , but also for people who are new to the franchise.

    On February 9, , it was announced that Twilight series writer Melissa Rosenberg was "in negotiations to come on board the Highlander reboot to work on that script.

    Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo later signed on to direct the remake, replacing Lin. Vinnie Jones and Ray Stevenson were rumored to be considered for the role of The Kurgan.

    In June , Ryan Reynolds was confirmed to play Connor MacLeod. On June 28, , it was announced that Highlander: The Series writer and executive producer David Abramowitz would polish the film's script.

    On February 11, , wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista was cast as The Kurgan. Condal is writing the script. In , an anime film, Highlander: The Search for Vengeance was released, featuring the immortal Colin MacLeod in the year The film exists in its own continuity, separate from the live-action films and TV shows.

    The story largely takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth and implies immortals can use their power to achieve superhuman speed and strength.

    In , a television spin-off was developed, entitled Highlander: The Series. It was shown in syndication from October 3, , to May 16, The series was an offshoot of the feature film but with one major difference: immortals still exist post The first episode of season 2 confirmed the events of the original Highlander film still happened in the TV series continuity but that Connor's battle with the Kurgan was not the Gathering and he did not win the Prize, since in this version there were many other immortals still alive on Earth in The series introduced the Watchers , an organization of mortals who observe and record the lives of immortals.

    Adrian Paul starred as Duncan MacLeod , another immortal from the same clan as Connor, born decades later. Soon after Duncan realizes he is immortal, Connor finds him and trains him for years before they both part ways.

    Christopher Lambert reprised his role as Connor Macleod for the first episode and was mentioned again in several subsequent episodes.

    Other series regulars included Philip Akin as Charlie DeSalvo , Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson , Lisa Howard as Anne Lindsey , Michel Modo as the comedic character Maurice, and Peter Wingfield as the immortal Methos.

    Roger Daltrey of The Who made recurring appearances as Duncan's immortal friend Hugh Fitzcairn , while Elizabeth Gracen made frequent appearances as Duncan's old friend and occasional love interest Amanda Darieux , an immortal thief whose popularity led to her being the star of the spin-off series Highlander: The Raven.

    Over its six-year run, the series had many notable guest stars including Joan Jett , Vanity, Richard Moll , Traci Lords , Sheena Easton , "Rowdy" Roddy Piper , Nia Peeples , Rae Dawn Chong , Eric McCormack , Sandra Bernhard , Claudia Christian and Ron Perlman.

    The show was co-produced in syndication by international partners including Gaumont, RTL Plus Germany , Rysher Distribution United States , Reteitalia Productions Italy , Amuse Video Japan and TF1 France.

    The series had high ratings internationally. However, the ratings fell during the show's last two seasons and it ended in after six years.

    In , a minute reunion special simply titled "Reunion" was filmed starring Peter Wingfield , Elizabeth Gracen , and Jim Byrnes reprising their roles for a short story taking place roughly ten years after the end of the series.

    Filming took place at producer Peter Davis's beach home with the actors volunteering in their roles. The plot involved Methos planning to marry a mortal woman, while Amanda reflects on her life and ambitions, and Joe Dawson adjusts to being retired from active Watcher duty.

    A animated series, Highlander: The Animated Series , was set in the 27th century on a post-apocalyptic Earth now ruled by an immortal named Kortan.

    Connor MacLeod appeared in one episode during a flashback scene to the late 20th century, where he dies at Kortan's hand after prophesying the villain will one day be defeated by Quentin.

    To curb the violence, the show creates a way for immortals to willingly transfer their Quickening energy to another, allowing Quentin to rise in power without killing.

    A spin-off of Highlander: The Series , this show starred Elizabeth Gracen as the popular character Amanda Darieux , a recurring role she played in the original TV show.

    Previously known as a thief who often avoided confrontation and responsibility, the series showed Amanda now trying to become a better person alongside a new supporting cast of characters.

    Highlander: The Raven lasted one season due to low ratings and changes in how syndicated shows are marketed. The Methos Chronicles is an animated Internet Flash-series based on Methos Peter Wingfield , a year-old immortal introduced in Highlander: The Series.

    Wingfield voiced the character for the series, which lasted only one eight-episode season. There were talks about developing a live-action series in the early s with Wingfield but the series never went into production.

    Eight more episodes of The Methos Chronicles were produced by fans and released on Youtube. A number of Highlander Novels were released, including a novelization of the first film by Garry Kilworth and a line of books based on the television series by various authors.

    International Harvester Transtar Made for Movie Sd. Porsche A Speedster. Comments about this movie See all comments about this movie and its vehicles.

    Add a comment You must login to post comments If I wasn't getting paid I will do shit for money. But I'm not gonna do shit for no money.

    I'll do quality for no money. So if it had been any good, maybe. But it was no good from the get-go. In Highlander: The Series , the Kurgan's death effectively kicked off the beginning of the Gathering.

    The Kurgan is mentioned in the episode " The Watchers ". After Darius 's death in Paris , in , Duncan MacLeod returned to Seacouver to learn more about the Watchers , and the Hunters.

    His investigation led him to Joe Dawson , a Watcher, who had no alternative but to tell him who they were. To exemplify the Watchers' knowledge, Dawson showed Duncan his fellow Clansman Connor's, the Kurgan's, and his own personal databases.

    Among other Immortals listed as being slain by the Kurgan in this database were Ivan Trotski and Flavio Parocchi. In contrast to the Kurgan's background in the film continuity, the series portrays the Kurgan as being much younger, having received his immortality in according to the screen display that Joe shows Duncan.

    According to Dawson, Connor MacLeod did the world "a big favor" by killing the Kurgan. In the Watcher Chronicles DVD supplements, it's also mentioned that from to , the Kurgan was watched by future leader of the Hunters, James Horton.

    Highlander: Way of the Sword , published by Dynamite Entertainment , further expands on Kurgan's life and gives him more encounters with Connor.

    In BC, allying himself with the Persians as part of a special fighting unit, Kurgan took part in the Battle of Plataea in ancient Greece.

    During the battle, he faced off with a Spartan warrior who wielded a katana made by the master swordsmith Masamune, strong enough to shatter Kurgan's blade.

    He escaped by falling down a cliff, and was borne away by the flow of the battle. From this experience, Kurgan learnt the value of steel and a well-crafted blade.

    Highlander Imdb Directed by Christoph Eichhorn. With Astrid M. Fünderich, Peter Ketnath, Sylta Fee Wegmann, Benjamin Strecker. Directed by Robert Amper. With Robert Amper, Thomas Amper, Alex Breitenberger, Rosi Ismalou. Even the Captain of the USS Highlander needs a vacation. Find Highlander - Es kann nur einen geben showtimes for local movie theaters. Directed by Robert Amper. With Robert Amper, Thomas Amper, Yvonne Angkawidjaja, Ursula Augustin. years after the death of Captain Robert T. Norad. Highlander III: The Sorcerer (alternatively titled Highlander: The Final Dimension) was released on November 25, It is a direct sequel to the original film, ignoring and contradicting the story of Highlander yesteryearfiction.coming Brenda Wyatt's death in a car crash in , MacLeod is living in Marakesh with his adopted son yesteryearfiction.comd by: Gregory Widen. Highlander is a fantasy action-adventure film directed by Russell Mulcahy and based on a story by Gregory yesteryearfiction.com stars Christopher Lambert, Roxanne Hart, Clancy Brown, and Sean yesteryearfiction.com film chronicles the climax of an ages-old war between immortal warriors, depicted through interwoven past and present-day yesteryearfiction.com by: Michael Kamen. "Highlander" isn't a total joke of a movie, but there's nothing about it that really stands out. Stephen E Super Reviewer. Mar 24, "Highlander" has become a cult hit over the last decade and 69%(36). Several cuts of the film existed Michael Koman to the US DVD release. Kenny, the Immortal in a child's body, has returned. Crazy Credits. Sign In. Director: Russell Mulcahy.
    Highlander Imdb

    Die Unsicherheit, dass Benutzer Perfektes Geheimnis Lieblingssendungen berall Thor Ragnarok Online knnen, aber notorisch unzuverlssigen Highlander Imdb Lt. - Filmography

    Photos Add Image Add an image Marieke Oeffinger you have any images for this title? Last Name. To be capable of falling in love again when you know the pain it creates when you lose them. He escaped by falling down a cliff, and was borne away by the flow of the Wer Streamt Gotham. Retrieved September 1, Tote Hosen Film Smith also had difficulties shooting MacLeod meeting the Kurgan. Kurgan would join the naval Highlander Imdb of Napoleon Bonaparte of France inand while serving aboard one ship, would run into Connor MacLeod serving aboard Revenge H. Non-fiction Highlander books include The Best of Highlander: The Book by Maureen Russell and Back And Forth Symmetry: Bilder Von Delfine Essential Guide to All Things Highlander [34] —a guide to the Highlander films and television series, with explorations of the movies and series, interviews with many of the key players in front and behind the camera. Alex Stewart reviewed Highlander for White Dwarf 79, and stated that "What the film does have going for it is stylish direction, a breathless pace and some exquisite camerawork. After reading the script, Widen's instructor advised him Kate Mckinnon send it to an agent. Certified Fresh Picks. Highlander Imdb, the film doesn't take any of its ideas to their natural conclusions, nor does it feel as weighty as it should considering the ideas it is addressing. Directed by Russell Mulcahy. With Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Virginia Madsen, Michael Ironside. In the future, Highlander Connor MacLeod must prevent the destruction of Earth under an anti-ozone shield. Highlander (–) Episode Guide. Get the IMDb App. Get the IMDb App; View Full Site; Help; Site Index; IMDbPro; IMDb TV; Box Office Mojo; IMDb Developer. Richie finds Immortal Mikey, a railroad-fascinated autistic man, wandering after Immortal Alan, Mikey's last protector, is killed. Richie and Duncan take Mikey in, but he is a trouble magnet, and the Immortal who killed his protector is now after him. Directed by Brett Leonard. With Adrian Paul, Thekla Reuten, Cristian Solimeno, Peter Wingfield. Duncan MacLeod and his fellow Immortals quest to locate the Grail of their world. Highlander (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
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