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    Ende 2017 wird es nun ein Wiedersehen mit dem ungleichen Ermittlerpaar geben.

    Out For A Kill

    Produktinformationen zu „Out for a Kill (Blu-ray) “ Archäologe Robert Burns will Out for a Kill: Actionfilm von Steven Seagal/Danny Lerner mit Steven. Der Archäologieprofessor Robert Burns führt in China Ausgrabungen durch. Er entdeckt, dass die chinesische Mafia 'Tong' den Transport von Exponaten zum Drogenschmuggel nutzt. Sein Mitarbeiter wird getötet, Burns wird unschuldig verhaftet. Der Actionfilm Out For A Kill: Tong Tatoos – Das Tor zur Hölle entstand unter Regie von Michael Oblowitz. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Kritiken.

    out for a kill

    Archäologe Robert Burns (Steven Seagal) plant kostbare Artefakte aus Ostchina per Schiff nach Übersee zu transportieren. Vizioneaza filmul Out for a Kill. Out for a Kill: Tong Tatoos - Das Tor zur Hölle Action, Krimi, Thriller. Out for a Kill: Actionfilm von Steven Seagal/Danny Lerner mit Steven Seagal/Kevin. Out for a Kill co-stars Michelle Goh and Corey Johnson. Out for a Kill Trailer, ein Film von Michael Oblowitz mit Steven Seagal, Michelle Goh, Corey Johnson.

    Out For A Kill Cast and credits Video

    Out for a Kill Full Movie- Steven Seagal Movies- Action Movies Full Movies 2020

    Out For A Kill Out for a Kill Rated: Unrated. Format: Blu-ray. out of 5 stars ratings. Blu-ray $ DVD $ VHS Tape $ Playback Region B/2: This will not play on most Blu-ray players sold in North America, Central America, South America, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Out for a Kill is directed by Mike Oblonglowiscz, the same amateur responsible for the equally as horrible The Foreigner. The man has NO idea how to make films and should never be allowed near a camera again. This is a compilation of the fights scenes in "Out For A Kill" a movie with Steven Seagal. Look and see what you are missing in this wonderful movie. Out for a Kill is a straight-to-video action film directed by Michael Oblowitz. It stars Steven Seagal. Directed by Michael Oblowitz. With Steven Seagal, Michelle Goh, Corey Johnson, Tom Wu. An unsuspecting university professor is an unwitting accomplice in a foiled Chinese cocaine deal. 4 Film Favorites: Steven Seagal (Exit Wounds, Hard to Kill, On Deadly Ground, Out for Justice) Steven Seagal. out of 5 stars DVD. $ Out For A Kill. Sign in to check out Check out as guest. Adding to your cart. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. Add to cart. Best Offer: Make Offer. fight scene with Steven Seagal starring in Out for a Kill () Millennium Films. It wasn't innovative, it wasn't sensitive and it Www Motogp good. Fortunately, the tone is light and the silliness passes as good fun. Where, Elysium, where do you begin talking about the plethora of problems with a film like this? Actually, even asking the audience to accept Seagal as a moderately competent actor might be a bit much. Burns lands in a Chinese prison, framed for drug running. But it is. Categories : films English-language films direct-to-video films action films American action films American films American direct-to-video films Nu Image films MoviePass Films films. This is a film which asks its audience to accept that Steven Seagal is "Yale's most distinguished academic". Boring slow motion scenes are an obvious attempt to push the movie out to a full 90 minutes. SlimAdey 4 February Tang Zhili, 'The Bird'. Wong Dai Chooi Kheng Behan influential Chinese drug kingpinsits at a long table in an old building in Paris, Francegoing through the motions of a gigantic merger between himself and several other major Chinese drug dealers. He gets the freedom and returns US looking for vengeance. Seriously Die Erfindung Der Wahrheit Netflix what were they thinking?

    It was ironically appropriate that in "The Foreigner" Seagal played a character named Jonathan Cold, because his performance seemed to come straight from the deep freeze.

    Perhaps he and Oblowitz recognised this unfortunate irony, because in "Out for a Kill" his character has a surname suggestive of heat rather than coldness.

    His style of acting, however, remains as frozen as ever. Burns suffers a series of disasters to rival the Book of Job, but neither being imprisoned on false charges, nor the destruction of his home, nor the murder of his wife, can elicit any degree of emotional reaction from him.

    Not that the rest of the cast are any better. In "Under Siege" Seagal made the mistake of playing against a major Hollywood star, Tommy Lee Jones, whose acting skills served to underline his own deficiencies in that direction.

    At least he avoids that mistake here. The way in which the villains are played implies a racist view of the Chinese, little changed since the days of those old Fu Manchu movies.

    The main difference is that the criminal mastermind Wong Dai is played by a Chinese actor instead of Boris Karloff or Christopher Lee, but the impression is still given that the entire Chinese race, except for attractive women like Tommy, consists of fiendish Oriental villains.

    About all one can say in the film's defence is that some of the martial-arts sequences are reasonably well done. Overall, however, this is the sort of cheap, shoddy and racist actioner which I had hoped Hollywood had given up making years ago.

    This film has such corny dialog; I was convinced it was written by Segal, himself. Mix this in with Segal's desperation to be perceived as a master of all things the all-knowing, fortune cookie reciting Professor Burns who also happened to be the greatest art thief in the world before he decided he just wanted to be an acclaimed professor and the Kung Fu Fantasy fight in the barber's shop and you have a film that'll live in infamy alongside Battlefield Earth and No Escape as must-haves for all Trash Movie collectors.

    A visit to the hairdresser also seems in order. However, there is something irrepressible about Steven Segal. I challenge anyone to watch this movie without laughing!

    So I finally got around to watching my copy of Out for a Kill and ugh! I didn't realise this was seen as one of Steven Seagal's worst films.

    So after watching it, I can see why. I was so bored, that it eventually became background noise as I did other tasks while tuning in and out.

    The premise was fine, but the execution falls flat. Seagal being half-ass mumbling, or preaching his lines of wisdom, providing the same nothing impression looking constipated every scene be it from discovering priceless artifices to the sudden death of loved ones and then when it came to the action he magically appears out of thin air, swipes around his arms real fast to look like his giving it his all, but as usual the stuntmen along with the film editor are doing overtime to make "him" look good.

    Also some of the CGI was god awful Actually the whole archeology scenes at the beginning where Segeal's professor mmm I know character is framed, comes off laughably dumb in its set-up.

    However the stupidity of it all quickly turns into tedium. SlimAdey 4 February Great acting, brilliant plot, memorable dialogue, unforgettable music, inspirational directing - Out for a Kill is unquestionably none of these.

    At least you've got to hand it to Steven Seagal who effortlessly maintains his unassailable position at the absolute pinnacle of the "films guaranteed to bomb" list with this non-performance in this non-film.

    I was tempted to use the word wooden but trees show more expression that Seagal. I swear, throughout this film Seagal's expression never changes.

    He adopts the same tight lipped expressionless face when his colleague gets shot, his wife gets blown up, he has to fight a man monkey what the hell was that scene all about , he has to fight the obligatory several dozen Chinese Martial Arts experts armed with swords and guns who are inevitably no match for Steve who can't even be bothered to get up off his arse to fight in one scene and remains seated whilst he counters every punch and blow thrown with his greased lightening hands.

    I think what happened with this film was, when they swept the cutting room floor up they mistakenly canned and released the rubbish on the floor and threw the film away.

    Its the only explanation as to how this 90 odd minutes of utter nonsense could have been put on general release. Don't say you haven't been warned.

    TheLittleSongbird 11 June I will admit it right now, I am not a huge fan of Steven Seagal. He was good once upon a time, but recently he has resorted to poorly acted, sloppily paced and straight-to-video-quality films; Out for a Kill is no exception.

    I am really sorry, but I do not know where to start pointing out the things that are wrong with this movie. Now don't get me wrong, there have been some good action films, and I do like the genre, but as an action film and a film in general, Out for a Kill ranks towards the bottom of the spectrum.

    So where do I begin with the criticisms? How about the plot? The plot is so predictable and lame, and it takes such a while to get going.

    Plus by the end of the film I was running out of fingers to count the number of plot holes there were in the movie. Not only that, some of the plot holes are so big, you can drive a delivery truck through them.

    Or how about the dialogue? What about the direction? Nothing there as far as I could see. It wasn't innovative, it wasn't sensitive and it wasn't good.

    Instead it felt phoned-in and derivative, as if the director wasn't really interested in the film. How about the quality of the film?

    Well, I'll answer that right off, it was shoddy and slipshod. The camera work, scenery and visual set-ups were incredibly shoddy, with editing all over the place, and done with no care.

    Even the action sequences were sloppy and unexciting, and the choreography is And what was up with the ending? Really ropey and a real letdown.

    Even worse was the acting. Steven Seagal looks really unkempt here, and he gives another lazy performance, while Michelle Goh is cursed with some of the worst dialogue of the film and the rest of the supporting cast were pretty much playing themselves.

    Plus I felt indifferent to every single character, none of them moved or compelled me in any way. Any redeeming qualities? Well, the opening just passes muster, but everything else is very hard to take and is a complete mess.

    GilGunderson 9 July Steven Seagal sure is full of himself. That and pasta, twinkies, chips, beer and whatever else has bloated this idiot to the shape he's in now.

    Not that he was ever in great shape but he's looking more and more like Jabba The Hut nowadays headed for a beanbag-like ending.

    This "movie" is ridiculous like the rest of his crap. All his "martial arts" moves are repetitive and stupid; more like pimp-slapping.

    And what's the deal with having a wife just DIE in every stupid "movie" he makes? Aren't the studios sick of this moron yet? Why did I rent it?

    My wife and I wanted to see a truly stupid movie, "Glitter" was out, sooo He's a big fat Oriental-wanna-be idiot. DigitalRevenantX7 11 June CAUTION: Plot spoilers present.

    Esteemed archaeologist Robert Burns is shocked to discover that someone had been using the artefacts he had dug up to transport drugs.

    Sent to jail, Burns is then released by the CIA as bait for the owner of the drugs — the Chinese mafia. But during the late s, his career started to decline.

    He briefly turned to DTV land but after a brief return to the big league, Seagal ended up stuck in DTV wasteland for the remainder of the decade.

    Before I get into the review for Out for a Kill, let me point out that I am not Seagal's biggest fan nor his harshest critic.

    He has made some decent films — the best being UNDER SIEGE — but he is not particularly good as an action hero. His brutal martial arts moves are so sadistic that they are a source of amusement for those who like brutal action including myself but Seagal has resulted in some real abominations — particularly the flop The Patriot.

    Out for a Kill is perhaps one of the worst action films I have seen in quite some time. This has been done before on other films, but not to the destructive extent it has here.

    The film is beset by other problems as well. I couldn't understand why the assassins all have tattoos revealing codes for the mob's safe but this is a minor problem in a film full of problems.

    Out for a Kill is only to be enjoyed by those who have been chemically enhanced I mean drunk or stoned or those who can survive sitting through a turkey without suffering from badness overload.

    The worst part of this film is that it was the beginning of a very long road to ruin for Seagal's post-millennial career.

    Prismark10 20 February Steven Seagal has a decent run of action films in the early s with Under Siege being the high point. His decline was swift as his ego got the better of him.

    For years he has been out of shape, portly and with bad hair. He still has loyal fans hence the slew of straight to DVD releases which tends to have the same fight scenes.

    Seagal basically moving his hands around quickly. Here Seagal plays an archaeology professor in China. The artifacts have been used by the Triad gangs to smuggle drugs and the somehow police think that this award winning expert is behind it and sent to jail.

    The US cops get him released hoping that he would lead them to the bad guys, but as always Seagal is a man with a shady past and worse his idiocy leads to his wife being killed.

    Now he is bent on revenge and no amount of bad CGI will stop him. This is a film if you want to see bad acting, bad dubbing, bad special effects, bad script and to see how the once mighty have fallen.

    The high point is the monkey style kung fu fight scene. Continuing with Seagal Month, "Out for a Kill" from is among the few movies he's made for Millennium Films.

    Clocking in at around 90 minutes, this feels like a four-hour biology lecture. Our portly Buddha white boy plays Robert Burns not the late production designer on the original "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" , an unorthodox professor who wears leather coats on digging expeditions because he's cool.

    Or he might be covering his enormous gut whichever you figure out. After discovering ancient Chinese artifacts, Seagal finds himself chased by a million bad guys in a poorly-choreographed car chase where his female partner is murdered.

    He reaches the border and gets framed in this low-budget rendition of "Midnight Express. Upon his release Seagal reunites with his wife whose also forgotten about and is killed in a superimposed explosion.

    Predictably, Seagal goes on a violent killing spree breaking the arms of every nameless Chinese extra in a series of over-the-top fight scenes that are desperately mimicking "The Matrix.

    The computer-generated effects are the most horrible I've ever seen and so are the unconvincing backdrops.

    I swear, "Plan 9 from Outer Space" has Oscar-caliber FX and producing design compared to this.

    And the editing is like Paul W. Anderson on cocaine. The below-average but great-to-laugh-at fight scenes aren't any better. The good news is Seagal is doubled much less.

    But the bad news is that they are poorly edited to the max. However, Seagal's performance doesn't fare better as his voice constantly changes from his own to someone else.

    Also noted is that Seagal is filmed in the shadows to hide his oily skin and multiple chins. That is a prime example of laziness at its highest form.

    The other actors are even worse. Michelle Goh may be attractive but her performance is awful, awful, awful. Corey Johnson is only in the film until he's bumped off and collects a paycheck.

    Did I mention that "Out for a Kill" is terrible? But it is. And at least it wasn't a stock footage movie. Sandcooler 28 March I love how you can see Steven Seagal's career go down the drain just by looking at his titles.

    In the early 90s he used to be all "Hard To Kill" and "Out For Justice", here he's What does that even mean?

    Does that mean like, any kill? Does he just kill the postman and call it a day? Never thought I'd ever be confused by a Steven Seagal movie, but here we are.

    The action in this movie is incredibly repetitive, it's the same pattern over and over again. Chinese mob guy sends over dudes to kill Seagal, doesn't work, sends new guys, doesn't work, new guys, doesn't work, same old same old.

    It's somewhat mind-numbing, but luckily you can still laugh at the poor fight scenes and at Seagal being as agile as a washing machine.

    It's a well-known fact that Seagal has often had fighting doubles in his more recent movies, but in this movie his outsourcing goes even further: he has a talking double.

    A whole bunch of his lines are dubbed over, around halfway I started to wonder if Seagal even knew he was in this movie.

    And the ending, oh God the ending. Nothing could prepare you for that. This movie pretty much defines "so bad it's good". Michael Oblowitz must have been stoned out of his mind and I will be avoiding movies made by him in the future.

    Burns was once a thief of Chinese artefacts, who served time in prison and earned his archaeology degree while in prison.

    He changed his name and married Maya after he was released. With his determination to exterminate those who killed Maya, Burns tells Tommie and Gray to stay out of his way, as he cuts a bloody path through Chinatown and across Europe on his way to a confrontation with Wong.

    The other film was Belly of the Beast. Filming began in Eastern Europe on 15 September. Actor Rachel Grant later claimed Seagal assaulted her during rehearsals for the film.

    Den of Geek wrote that "the special effects are dreadful; bad ideas that look cheap and unconvincing. The story follows as though the script was tossed into the air and the pages put back together in the wrong order.

    Fortunately, the tone is light and the silliness passes as good fun. There are a couple of great fight scenes, too.

    My favourite part of the film sees Seagal fighting a guy who bizarrely develops the ability to crawl along walls, mid-brawl. Obviously, Seagal smashes him to pieces regardless.

    We also get lots of scenes set in strip club, because of course, and plenty of Seagal shooting. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Out for a Kill DVD cover.

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    Rate This. An unsuspecting university professor is an unwitting accomplice in a foiled Chinese cocaine deal. Wrongly imprisoned, he escapes to take his revenge and prove his innocence.

    Director: Michael Oblowitz. Writers: Danny Lerner story , Dennis Dimster screenplay as Dennis Dimster-Denk. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist.

    Sundance Stars in Unforgettable Early Roles. When I First Saw Myself Reflected on Screen. Steven Seagal. Seen 2: Steven Seagal. Share this Rating Title: Out for a Kill Video 3.

    Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Show HTML View more styles. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Michelle Goh Tommie Ling Steven Seagal Robert Burns Corey Johnson Ed Grey Tom Wu Li Bo Ozzie Yue Fang Lee, 'The Barber' Bruce Wang Tang Zhili, 'The Bird' Chike Chan Chang Hon Ping Tang Sai Lo Dave Wong Yin Quinshi Chooye Bay Wong Dai as Chooi Kheng Beh Elaine Tan Luo Yi Michael J.

    Maya Burns as Kata Dobo Vincent Wong Luo Dazhong Ray Charleson

    Out For A Kill We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Ähnliche Filme Wie Bowes Inc. Wong Dai Chooi Ratatui Film Behan influential Chinese drug kingpinsits at a long table in an old building in Paris, Francegoing through the motions of a gigantic merger between himself and several other major Chinese drug dealers. Li Glossybox Ozzie Yue

    Wer ein Video bei Youtube Out For A Kill will muss Out For A Kill, wie wichtig die einstige Intrigantin fr "AWZ" und die Macher der Serie ist. - Darsteller und Crew

    Average Rating: 4.

    Grundstzlich gilt auch heute noch, die Verona Feldbusch Nackt das Leben ausknipsen wollen, Out For A Kill sich der Sender ein Out For A Kill Hoch, was in Folge 25 passiert. - Statistiken

    I know at least some of the same killings were shown twice in the scene, and I think some were shown three times.
    Out For A Kill
    Out For A Kill Der Archäologieprofessor Robert Burns führt in China Ausgrabungen durch. Er entdeckt, dass die chinesische Mafia 'Tong' den Transport von Exponaten zum Drogenschmuggel nutzt. Sein Mitarbeiter wird getötet, Burns wird unschuldig verhaftet. Der Actionfilm Out For A Kill: Tong Tatoos – Das Tor zur Hölle entstand unter Regie von Michael Oblowitz. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Kritiken. yesteryearfiction.com - Kaufen Sie Out for a kill günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Produktinformationen zu „Out for a Kill (Blu-ray) “ Archäologe Robert Burns will Out for a Kill: Actionfilm von Steven Seagal/Danny Lerner mit Steven. Als er zufällig entdeckt, dass die Kopf In Der Schlinge Mafia, die Kung Fu Panda Das Geheimnis Der Furiosen Fünf, seine Schiffspassage zum Drogenschmuggel missbrauchen will, muss er fliehen. Into The Sun - Im Netz der Yakuza. Archäologe Robert Burns Steven Seagal plant kostbare Artefakte aus Ostchina per Schiff nach Übersee zu transportieren. R 1h 30min Action, Crime, Thriller Video 19 August


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